First time, first words

It is very “easy” to find words to fill a first entry from a blog. But it is quite complicated to choose the right ones. Probably there are not right or bad ones, and I am just overthinking this moment. Anyway, let’s start.

I wanted to do this blog since some time ago, but I just did not have the time nor the inspiration to work on it. Perhaps it was more related to the time than to the inspiration, but nevertheless here I am.

In my daily job, I always cope with a lot of interesting technical challenges, for which after some research, there is always a solution. But after those thrilling moments of seek- and-find, I rarely go back in time and check what I did, and I always thought that I needed to have a “place of meditation” for the technical solutions that I have worked out. A space where I can pass by, and read, and after some time perhaps say: “how the hell could I do that!?” or simply: “Oh! That was pretty cool”. And going a bit deeper,  a place which can also help others, to find some possible solutions, to the challenges that I have already gone through.

So until here, my motivation to start this blog, explained in some words.

Cheers from Basel


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